Hope Works Spokane is a unique collaboration between the City of Spokane, the Downtown Spokane Partnership, Goodwill, and Catholic Charities of Spokane.

An initial investment of $150,000 will cover staff, volunteer management, administration, insurance, and volunteer compensation for an eighteen-month pilot period.

Two drivers begin by seeking people who are actively panhandling throughout the downtown core.  The drivers, experienced with outreach and case management, interact with and ask the individuals if they would like to volunteer for the day and receive a stipend in exchange. Throughout the interaction the drivers will be actively gathering information regarding individual’s employment choices.

Projected outcomes would be the reduction in panhandling throughout the downtown core and deeper interaction with the panhandling population. Providing an option for work will allow our future clients to begin the process of stabilizing their lives by slowly regaining confidence in their ability to be a part of the workforce and better their own lives.

Through Hope Works Spokane, the public can better  understand the realities of homelessness and poverty in our city.  Better understanding leads to greater opportunities for our citizens to become involved in serving those in need in a more meaningful way.